Conference Papers

Muscat, A. (2020) Mechanics & Materialities: WORLD4 and the Effort of Looking in Videogames. In Proceedings of DiGRA Australia (DiGRAA 2020), Brisbane, Australia, 10-11 February. (ResearchGate; Academia; DiGRA Digital Library)
Received ‘Highly Commended’ award.

Muscat, A., Duckworth, J., Wilson D. (2019) Methods Beyond the Screen: Conducting remote player studies for game design research. In Proceedings of the 12th DiGRA International Conference (DiGRA 2019), Kyoto, Japan, 03-06 August. (ResearchGate; Academia; DiGRA Digital Library)

Muscat, A. and Duckworth, J. (2018) WORLD4: Designing for Ambiguity in Exploration Games. In Proceedings of CHI PLAY 2018, Melbourne, Australia, 28-31 October, pp. 1-11. (ResearchGate; Academia; ACM Digital Library)

Goddard, W. and Muscat, A. (2017) Towards genre as a game design research approach. In Proceedings of the 10th Digital Games Research Association International Conference (DiGRA 2017), Melbourne, Australia, 3-6 July 2017, pp. 1-14. (ResearchGate; Academia; DiGRA Digital Library)

Goddard, W., Muscat, A., Manning, J., Holopainen, J. (2016) Interactive Dome Experiences: Designing AstroSurf. In Proceedings of the 20th International Academic Mindtrek Conference. 393-402. ACM Press. (ResearchGate; Academia; ACM Digital Library)

Muscat, A., Goddard, W., Duckworth, J., Holopainen, J. (2016) First-Person Walkers: Understanding the Walker Experience through Four Design Themes. In Proceedings of 1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG. Dundee, Scotland. DiGRA Digital Library. (ResearchGate; Academia; DiGRA Digital Library)

Goddard, W. and Muscat, A. (2016) Designing Unconventional Use of Conventional Displays in Games: Some Assembly Required. In Proceedings of 1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG. Dundee, Scotland. DiGRA Digital Library. (ResearchGate; Academia; DiGRA Digital Library)


Muscat, A. (2018) Ambiguous Worlds: Understanding the Design of First-Person Walker Games. Thesis for: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Advisors: Dr. Jonathan Duckworth, Dr. Douglas Wilson. (ResearchGate; ResearchBank)

Muscat, A. (2012) Playing Fiction: Mechanics and Story in Digital Games. RMIT University B.MC (Hons) program.

Public Speaking

DiGRA Australia (2020), Brisbane, Australia, Mechanics & Materialities

Games Connect Asia Pacific (2019), Melbourne, Australia, Puzzles to be Explored but not Solved: Designing Ambiguous Navigable Worlds

A MAZE festival (2019), Berlin, Germany, A Puzzle to Be Explored But Not Solved: Crafting Ambiguity in WORLD4

DiGRA International Kyoto, Japan (2019), Player Studies Beyond the Screen

CHI Play (2018), Melbourne, Australia, WORLD4: Designing Ambiguity in Exploration Games

Freeplay Independent Games Festival (2018), Melbourne, Australia, Crafting Ambiguous Worlds

Australian Center for the Moving Image (2017), Melbourne, Australia, Prey: Q&A with Raphael Colantonio

DiGRA-FDG (2016), Dundee, Scotland (2016), First-Person Walkers

RMIT University (2016), Melbourne, Australia, My Practice – Playable Media talk series

Macquarie University (2014), Sydney, Australia, Warfare in the Uncanny ValleyEthics and War in Games

Melbourne Knowledge Week (2014), Melbourne, Australia, How (Not) to Design a VR Game


Muscat, A. (2014) Indie videogames are taking it to the next level of story design. The Conversation (2014)

Muscat, A. (2013) Games are better played together: an evening at Hovercade. Invest Victoria (2013)