The original WORLD4

WORLD4two (working title!) is the follow-up to WORLD4, building on its existing design for an even more perceptually elusive and mysterious exploratory game experience. Currently it is an experimental prototype that has involved multiple iterations, collaborating with Will Owen.

The experimental ‘mosaic’ camera for WORLD4

Many of these build on past experiments and iterations made during WORLD4‘s design and development, like the mosaic camera above.

The most notable design change is an expansion to the split-screen system in WORLD4 that looks to enhance enhancing the central mechanic of ‘looking’, by modifying the splitting of cameras horizontal and vertical axis at runtime.

Current experiments involve controlling these as the player explores the game environment, such as using trigger volumes to adjust the layout as the player moves, or when looking at specific objects – although it still needs work in reducing the disorientating effect! You can read more about it in-depth on Will’s website.

Other experiments center on level design experiments in building out bold iconography, locations and objects based around themed shape types. In addition I’ve been working on creating an underlying soundscape to build further familiar association with these elements.

These will act as spatial anchors for navigation in its interconnected and perceptually disruptive world, and as major parts of an underlying story about grappling with the unknown.

WORLD4two is planned for release in 2021.