Ongoing Level Design Projects

Below I have catalogued a select few ongoing level design projects I have made, or are making, in my spare time. These were created for enjoyment and often as experiments, across tools that include Unreal 4, Unity, Source SDK, Quake, Mario Maker, and Mega Man Maker.


A forgotten installation beneath the surface. A signal transmitted from beyond a red sky calls out.

A moody, short exploration game currently being made using Unity, ProBuilder, and Blender.

Vermin Tower

Take the high-ground. Dunk your friends. Flee into the labyrinth.

A multiplayer deathmatch level for Quake, made in TrenchBroom using Quake‘s original WAD textures for cat-and-mouse gameplay, sliding tricks and escapes, small nooks and big jumps. Below I have documented a few different stages of design and development.

First-stage blockout. Spacing, ‘slide’ surfaces, and dimensions tested.

Second-stage blockout. Pathing and elevation outlined.

Third-stage blockout. Revisions to paths and sightlines made. Early architectural features and textures added.

Revised layout and better defined level sections. Location specific textures and features added.

Layout and pathing adjustments based on playtests. Second texture pass, and prep for spawns and items.

More developments to follow….

Far and Painstaking

Dr. Wily’s nefarious robots have carved up the ruins with mechanical tricks and traps. Can you claw your way out?

A Mega Man Maker level about timing, climbing, and riding. Limited to two enemy types, three level gimmicks, three tiles, and basic character abilities. With Mega Man Maker downloaded you can play it via this link.

Below is a ‘macro scale’ level map: