Forward March

In Forward March players take on the role of an unnamed soldier suffering from agoraphobia, who must negotiate their past and future by navigating the winding streets and dark alleys of a stark and oppressive, Brutalist city. It was featured on Warpdoor.

Key to Forward March is a mix of exploration and story, conveyed through combining level design techniques and a reflective internal monologue, displayed as text within the world.

As players explore the city they may unravel hidden stories and new dimensions to understand the character’s mysterious past and personal dilemmas.

However, the further players travel down the city’s alleys, the more antagonistic the world becomes. Players must avoid eye-contact with towering figures who impede their progress. But the more dangerous the location, the better the insights.

Alternatively, players may simply ignore and bypass these challenges while navigating, revealing an entirely different side to the character. This culminates in one of two alternate endings, each a reflection on paths traveled.

Forward March was principally designed and developed by myself, but utilized 3D models from Jason Prentice, music from Courtney Blackney, and writing from Mathew Stone. You can download and play Forward March on, and read about it in my development blog.


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