DIAmate : Your Friend in Diabetes Management

DIAmate was a collaborative project between researchers at RMIT and Sydney University’s Charles Perkins Centre. Our team created a game concept and design pitch to assist and educate patients with type 2 diabetes, with specific focus on managing their illness through encouraging social and physical activities.


Working with endocrinologists from the Charles Perkins Centre, our design concept focused on addressing issues of isolation, medication, exercise, self-esteem, and understanding within families.

As part of the pitch I developed the interaction and user experience design, and the relaxing visual scenes the player’s robot avatars would inhabit and explore.

DIAmate’s would act as a virtual companion, utilizing smartphone functionality and rewarding players for meeting exercise goals, as well as sharing meal plans, and encouraging other players.

Using telemetry data the player’s customizable robot avatar would improve. Through their avatar players could engage in specific social interactions to anonymously connect with with other patients, or their family and loved ones to foster a positive shared-network as part of the treatment process.

The robot avatars created by William Owen used a modular design so players could customize their own. You can read more about it on Will’s website.