Forward March

Take on the role of an unnamed soldier suffering from agoraphobia, who must negotiate their past and future through a stark, Brutalist, concrete city (2012).

Take on the role of an unnamed soldier suffering from agoraphobia, who must negotiate their past and future through a stark, Brutalist, concrete city (2012).

In Forward March players explore an oppressive city setting, whose towering environment contains small, hidden areas of respite and peace. Throughout the city players can find reflective text, their character’s thoughts overlaid within the world.

As players explore the city they may unravel hidden stories and new dimensions to their character’s past, develop a more personal sense of character, and unravel their mysterious circumstances.

However, the further players advance down the city’s winding and hidden streets, the more antagonistic the world becomes. Players must avoid eye-contact with towering figures who block their progress; the more dangerous the area, the more the player may learn about their character’s past, and the game’s plot.

Alternatively, players may simply ignore and not engage with exploration and challenges, revealing entirely different character details. Where and how the player explores may lead to two alternate endings, each a reflection of the relationship between the player and unnamed character.


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Alexander Muscat (Development and Level Design)
Jason Prentice (3D Art)
Mathew Stone (Writing)
Courtney Blackney (Music and Audio)


Alexander Muscat