Explore a four-dimensional world as one. What hidden sights will you discover? Where does the world end? Explore on your own or with others. What you can see might not be what it seems.

WORLD4 is a multi-dimensional first-person exploration game that draws inspiration from Walker games such as Proteus and Gone Home. WORLD4 explores how experiences of curiosity manifest through designed information gaps and limited perception in first-person exploration.

In WORLD4 players explore an abstract four-dimensional world at once, and uncover its sights and hidden secrets. WORLD4 was designed to be played on a single screen or across multiple arranged displays to augment the game game experience. For example displays may be arranged in a box formation so that only two may be seen at any one time.

Each view of the world shows a similar in-game first-person perspective, however each  captures similar and different elements of the world. What can be seen in-game on one display may be hidden, or appear different on the next. When played with others spectators may become players, and alert them – or other spectators, to sights, events, and curiosities they may not otherwise noticed see.

Players must negotiate the information gap afforded by the multiple displays and game level design to explore. Over time, players notice more subtle hints or hidden paths and sights, exploring beyond to build a clearer comprehension of the game world. This design was informed by Walker Design Theme findings (Muscat et al. 2016).

WORLD4 suggests exploration may be heightened as its own experience by enhancing curiosity and discovery through information gaps.


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