Mutually Assured Destruction

A team based real-world role playing game of spying, bartering, strategy and diplomacy. Played by 18 players. Hosted at RMIT University’s Design Hub and reviewed positively in Wargaming Journal The NUGGET (2013).

Mutually Assured Destruction

Players are divided into three teams, given a map, and each a deck of cards. Cards contain coordinates. Some coordinates are nonsense, others reveal one of any teams many missile bases. Each base contains a single missile. Players must negotiate internally with their own team and externally with other teams to trade cards and information, and learn base coordinates. Cards may also slyly stolen. To win players must learn the location of their opponents missile bases and destroy them by using their own missiles.

However on each team there are spies. These players (informed by a card in their deck) work for another team. Spies subvert their supposed team, steal and spread misinformation. However their loyalties are unknown by their own true team.

A projector and computer is also integrated, displaying a world map and countdown alarm (made in Unity 3D). When teams choose to fire a missile they do so using the computer, sounding an alarm, alerting opposing teams. The missiles strike time counts down on a timer. During the duration of the timer, teams may also fire back, making for dramatic tension and split-second decision making.

The result is an interesting dynamic of caution, subversion, lying, bluffs, camaraderie, and aggressive gamesmanship.



RMIT Design Hub (link)
The NUGGET (link)


Alexander Muscat
William Owen