DIAmate: Your Friend in Diabetes Management

Health and lifestyle companion app and game for smartphones. Concept pitch, prototype and trailer. Made in partnership with the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Center, RMIT University, and the GEElab (2013).


DIAmate is intended to help patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, to address issues of isolation, medication, exercise, understanding and self-esteem. Using social networking mechanisms and game-thinking, users interface with the app’s virtual world through real world activities e.g. step counting.

Users may also interact anonymously with one and other through user created characters, promoting help networks and the involvement of family and loved ones as part of the treatment process. User created characters and specifically designed social interactions promote positive self-image and encouragement.


University of Sydney (link)
Charles Perkins Center (link)
RMIT University (link)
GEElab (link)


Alexander Muscat
William Owen
Adelle Lin