All in a Day’s Work

A 3D side-scrolling Action-Platformer made in the Unreal Development Kit, set on the outside and inside of massive mechanical walking city.

All in a Day’s Work was a group project created as part of RMIT University’s Bachelor of Arts in Games Graphic Design program in 2010, and was redeveloped in 2011.

Players control a small worker robot tasked boarding the city and destroying the robotic captain, crew, the citizens and their robotic pets, all of whom have become corrupted. Interaction is based around simple independent moving and and shooting controls, across six major levels inside and outside of the main vessel. These include a junk-town teetering above a massive trash-compactor, a luxurious boardwalk and the hazardous  insides of a giant mechanical clock.

Players have access to three weapons (wrench, bolt-gun, and explosive launcher) to clear out hordes of hostile robots swarming about the city. Action alternates between between high-intensity combat scenarios and platforming challenges, often involving hazardous obstacles themed around a specific part of the city.

Each level ends with a climactic set-piece environment. These include a fight inside a giant moving clock face, a gauntlet run through a shanty town, and a chase against a massive trash-compactor.


IndieDB page (link)
Video play-through (link)