Alexander Muscat is an experimental game designer and researcher. He currently works at the RMIT University’s School of Design as a Course Lecturer in Bachelor of Design (Games), and as a designer within the Creative Interventions Art and Rehabilitation (CiART) Lab. Alexander holds a PhD in design and media. His research combines design theory with historical and cultural context, game-making practice, and qualitative studies to explore the artistic and experiential fringes of game design. Alex’s work focuses primarily on interaction design and explorable interactive environments, which includes areas of ambiguity, curiosity, navigation and level design, and how these compel audiences to explore. His creative work has received award nominations at A MAZE and Freeplay interactive art and game festivals, and his research has been shared internationally as an IGDA Scholar, and at academic conferences including DiGRA and CHI Play.

Twitter | LinkedIn | Email: alexandermuscat(at)gmail(dot)com